Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind?

tidy desk, tidy mindOn Wednesday, I tidied my desk and sorted all of the stuff and got rid of about two bags worth of old paper, notebooks and just about anything else. When I sat down that night, I felt the power of being tidy and clean and being able to get on with my writing instead of having to be downstairs because the messiness was driving me bananas.

I sit now, looking at my globe beside me (which finally fits instead of being relegated to the windowsill where it’s no good to anyone) and wonder if a tidy desk really does mean a tidy mind. Some people, like the famous photo of Albert Einstein, apparently work best under the messiest desk around.

So, which one is right? Albert Einstein said:

If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, what, then, is an empty desk a sign of?

To an extent, I agree. I think if you have an empty desk, you might run low on inspiration (the strangest things inspire me, which is why I have a collection of oddments surrounding me at nearly all times when I’m at home, even a stone, a lolly pop and a bunny garden ornament with a knitted hat. And that’s just me taking 3 seconds to glance around). But, a cluttered desk means you might be too frazzled to do anything productive anyway, like me.

In circumstances like this, I like the philosophy of, “Whatever floats your boat.” But you should be proud to show that boat off to other people, which is why I wasn’t happy with my cluttered desk, and I tidied it before we had any guests over. Now, someone could sit down and type away at my computer and I’d be very happy!

What’s your desk like? Cluttered, tidy, a bit of both? A tidy clutter, perhaps? Do you even have a desk, or prefer to work in a cafe or at work? 

Ages ago, I was talking to Herminia at aspiringwriter22 and said I’d post some photos of my desk, so here you are!

Still looks kinda cluttered, but, believe me, this is an improvement. Notice the bunny XD

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