Book Discussion: Bookstagram (or, taking lots and lots of photos of books)

bd; bookstagramBooks are everywhere. (In my room, that means literally, too. I’m not even joking, they keep popping up. There MUST be another dimension in here SOMEWHERE. Ahem.) Joking aside, I mean everywhere. In the shops, free from kind people, sold by charity to raise money, in schools, and basically anywhere you go there will be some sort of bookish thing. And that includes the internet. Obviously, there are online shops like one of my personal favourites, The Book Depository, but also on social media… including Instagram.

If you go onto Instagram and search #books, you’ll find that there are 13,015,734 posts. Or, there were at 21:27 on the 29th July 2015, anyway. #bookstagram brings up a, in comparison, measly 1,364,405. Y’know, I’d say that was a pretty big community.

Most of these hashtags are attached to arty photos of books, sometimes with the inspiration of a “booktag” which are passed around by members of the community (for example, this morning I was tagged to do #bookandstuffie, so I took a picture of Anna and the French Kiss with my cat hot bag). Some books are then picked up by the followers of these people, bought and read, and therefore the bookstagram community can be a fantastic way for authors to get their names out.

Many bookstagrammers do giveaways too, sometimes with enormous amounts (there’s one circulating at the moment for a value of $150!). Other giveaways, like the one I’m planning for the end of the week, are for things like bookmarks and postcards.

Do I love being a member of bookstagram? YES. Are you kidding me?! I’ve already made new internet friends and I’ve gotten a penpal in, what, four days?! FOUR DAYS?! AND, I basically get to take pictures and post about books all the time. Man, that is freaking awesome. 

Instagram doesn’t have to just be about books of course. If you don’t want to take your own pictures, you can always just follow others (that’s what I did before I became too frustrated about not posting my own, so I joined). Or you can have a “personal” account and just post the occasional bookish picture. That’s the beauty about it: there’s no right or wrong way to do it.

Do you have an Instagram account? Is it a “bookstagram” account? Do you like Instagram or should it burn in hell with the likes of Twitter? I’d love to hear from you! 

And, uh, if you fancy following me you can find me at…

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