Book Discussion: Too Many Books?

bd;too many booksAh, the woes of a reader: the fact that there are simply too many books in the world, and just not enough time to read them and still have a life. Another woe of a reader, though, is that we constantly buy new books, even if they’re not going to be read!

I am terrible for this. Most of the books on my shelf are unread, and I keep buying new books, either because they’re pretty or because I really want to read them. And then I read them… but the ones on the shelf I already have haven’t been read! It’s dreadful.

I would estimate that around a million books are published a year. A MILLION!! Say maybe 1000 are books I would “love”, and I average about 3 days per book, that would take me… about 3000 days or 8.2 years (assuming there’s no leap years). Gosh. That’s… actually, that’s astounding.

Obviously there might be a terrible year for books, or a really good year for books, so it could be more or less. But, depressingly, that’s basically saying you’re not going to be able to read all of the awesome books in the world.

So the question is: do we slow the production of new books, or simply accept that there are way too many books in the world and no one’s going to be able to read all of them?

What I would suggest, though? At least read all of the ones on your shelves!

What do you think? 

PS: DYK, the Japanese word ‘tsundoku’ means ‘buying a load of books and then not getting round to reading them’. SourceI think this word is basically my life…

2 thoughts on “Book Discussion: Too Many Books?

  1. I relate to every word of this post! I have SO many books to read and I keep accumulating more. Just today I was looking at how many books I have to read on my Kindle, and within minutes I was looking at others to download.
    It’s an illness!!!

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