Deadlines: WHOOSH!

deadlines; whoosh!As Douglas Adams once said: “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they go by.” (The Salmon of Doubt)

I am terrible at writing to deadlines (unless it’s college work), and I’m even terrible at being in the right place at the right time. It kind of sucks when I am selling commissioned stories and writing for a blog, which I do once a month (although due to exams I haven’t over the last couple; I am working on an article at the moment, though), and sometimes, admittedly, I do struggle a bit (or, a lot).

I’ve recently gotten better keeping to dates and remembering stuff by using my iPhone’s calender to record what I’m doing, and when. Sometimes reminders help me, but I often forget to actually put them into my phone, and I’ve actually gotten pretty good at ignoring them.

But one thing does work, and that’s remembering what I’m doing and how it’s going to help me. No one is going to employ you if you turn up late to work every day, are they? No one’s going to buy your writing if you don’t deliver it on time, either!

That’s what I want you, dear reader, to take away from this: ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS deliver your work when you say you will! Word of mouth might seem like something people shrug at and don’t take seriously, and perhaps this is true for mediocre work. However, if something is really good or really bad, it tends to get around quickly. You want to be in the former category: that’s really good. Deliver on time, and it’s only when you’re a seriously renowned author that you can put your own deadlines on your work. I mean, c’mon, that’ll be awesome!

So, all in all: deliver on time, even early if you can. Be prompt in responses to work messages too. But don’t lose the quality of your work, which is something you’re going to have to compromise on. Quality, or speed? I say, settle for both. Take half of your “writing” time to write, and half to edit; then you’ll have something which works pretty well, and delivers pretty well too.

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