Book Discussion: Plot Twists

bd; plot twists

If you’ve ever read We Were Liars by E. Lockhart you’ll know there’s some fabulous twists in it (don’t worry, I won’t give away any spoilers: if you’re going to read it, read as little reviews as possible and go in as “blind” as you can! Believe me, it’s SO worth it!). I love plot twists. Well, y’know, when they’re done well.

I love plot twists when they…

  1. … explain what’s been going on in the book. We Were Liars did this amazingly. Honestly, this one twist at the end explained basically half of the book. Fantabulous. (I mean, it was heart-breaking, but awesome.)
  2. … make me gasp aloud. Also happened in We Were Liars.
  3. … make me question what I’ve read. This happened in Harry Potter too but also ones like Journey to the River Sea (this is basically my favourite book).
  4. … are just really freakin’ awesome and probably something that would’ve taken my about a year and heck-loads of coffee to come up with on my own.

When plot twists are done badly, or they’re built up to be really dramatic but are terrible, they’re horrible. But, otherwise, I love them.

What about you?


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