There is no Dog by Meg Rosoff

There is no Dog

TITLE: There is no Dog
AUTHOR: Meg Rosoff
PRICE: £12.99
ISBN: 978-0-141-32716-7

In the beginning there was Bob. And Bob created the heavens and the earth, and the beasts of the field, and the creatures of the sea, and twenty-five million other species, including lots and lots of gorgeous girls. And all of this he created in just six days. Six days! Congratulations, Bob. No wonder the Earth is such a mess. [From back of book.]

Now, I would have given that synopsis (and, indeed, the cover) 5 stars, for humour, interest and gorgeous girls. It’s a shame I only gave the actual novel 2.

I couldn’t quite get to grips with this novel, even by the end of it. It kept flitting between past and present tense, which annoyed me because I couldn’t figure out why (as all of the present tense scenes were… in the past? Part of a different story? Didn’t interlink? I’M SO CONFUSED.). The actual writing was good, sometimes confusing but mainly good, and the descriptions were absolutely incredible. But… it was very confusing, overall, which annoyed me greatly.

The characters. Well, I LOVED Estelle, Eck and Mr B. But the protagonist, Bob? Yeah, he was a douchebag. The kind I would happily throw a brick at or would probably just walk away from. The FMC, Lucy, was all right, but a bit dreary. However, I did love Estelle – I would have, to be honest, preferred another book or novella about her. She was far more interesting and far more likeable (ok, I like likeable protagonists). And loving. And caring… basically, ESTELLE. Some of the relationships (not to give any spoilers) were pretty sweet too.

The plot. Well, I’m not exactly sure what the plot was. It didn’t really seem to have a climax, or a resolution. Just lots and lots of build ups to rather anti-climaxes. Or even just lots and lots of little plots… which didn’t really interconnect. It’s as if Rosoff tried really really hard to write a profound and meaningful and inspirational book, but it just didn’t work and ended up in a bit of a flop.

I don’t understand the title, really, either, and that annoys me, too. I mean, if I really read into it (no pun intended) I could probably figure out its meaning, but in my opinion, the author should have already spelt it out for the reader. Again, no pun intended.

Overall, this wasn’t the type of book I expected it to be. Sure, it was humourous in places and I liked – okay, loved – some of the characters, but really I kind of expected more, or even less, as it felt like the author was trying to hard to “impress” the reader.

I don’t really know if I would even recommend this book, as I don’t know anyone who would enjoy it. The two stars came from a) the humour and b) the characters I liked. (I do, however, really need some Estelle and Eck fanart. Like, now.)


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