Hello everyone!

Well today was my first day as an upper sixth student! I’m not too happy with my timetable as I have a lot of study periods whilst my friends & boyfriend have lessons and vice versa, but I guess that means I’ll get a lot of work done, eh?! Maybe I’ll ace this year… hmm, that’d be nice!

Other than that, today didn’t go too badly and although I’m having some personal issues at the moment, I’m happy enough to keep blogging!

I hope you’re all well.

And I was delighted with the response to my post, “How Much Does Education Really Mean in Writing?” How much do you think, folks? Do you think it should be mandatory for all writers to have some type of degree? Do you think it makes one better than the other just because they have some letters after their name?

I hope you all have a lovely week! I’m looking forward to my second book discussion blog post this week and to see what the rest of my college week will bring!

Make sure you check out my other blog for other updates in my life and random discussions about stuff and nonsense (mainly, sometimes I say something profound!)!

Stay cool, folks. IMG_2250


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