5 Reasons You Should Attend a Book Club

5 reasons...bookclub

Book clubs. You hear about them, there have been books written about them and to any literary lover, they sound pretty damn cool. Have you ever wanted to a go to a book club, but for some reason you never have? Here are five more reasons for attending a book club which may make you drool so much you actually decide to sign up for one.

  1. New books and book swaps. Attending a book club means you are so much more likely to discover a new book that you love, because hopefully you’ll find a book club of like-minded people! Besides that fact, your book club might be interesting in doing book swaps (for example, everyone brings two books they don’t want, and leave with two other people have brought along – for free!). Free (kinda) books!
  2. A chance to talk about books – aka, fangirling. (And no, you don’t have to be a girl to fangirl!) Mr Darcy finally won you over? That fictional baby was just so cute you have to persuade your SO to let you have one? You can’t get over the fact dragons don’t exist and no matter how much you pray to Santa, he’ll probably never deliver you one? To a “normal” person, these problems may seem, well, odd. But to fellow literary-ists, they’d seem normal! And they’ve probably encountered the same probably multiple times too. You’re in safe hands in a book club.
  3. It’s ok if you don’t want to say anything at all! Some people are scared away from book clubs by the fact they might have to stand up and announce to the world what they thought of it. If you find a good book club (or, indeed, set one up yourself), then chances are you can just sit and listen until your ready.
  4. New friends! Even if you hate the chosen book of the month/week/whatever, you might make a new friend! And the fact that you’re both in a book club means you already have something to bond over. How great?!
  5. Discovering more about yourself. Yeah, this one is kind of cliché, but true. Perhaps you’ll find out that you really like sci-fi, even if you’ve never dabbled in it before. And you might not even find something out about yourself book-wise: perhaps you’ll discover you really enjoy debating, or public speaking, or even scribing!

And here’s a 5 1/2 for those writers out there: yes, it’s great for your writing! More intel on what people do and don’t like, and you may even stumble on a great new idea.

Basically: book clubs rock.


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