Talk To Me, People?

Hello everyone!

Well, I have done it: reached 200+ followers on this blog! What an achievement! Can you believe I only started it in October 2013?! Thanks to each and every one of you for following, liking and, occasionally – wink wink – commenting! (Shout out to wildbaugh (or Jake w/e) for being the latest commenter! And of course to Herminia for being around a lot. Phew, this whole thing has got me being quite sentimental!)

I’d love to be able to reach out to you more – hence the title. Is there anything I can do for you all to help to interact? Goodness knows it’d help me, but I want it to help you, too! Any topics you want covered, books reviewed etc? Would you like more posts, posts about books vs. writing, more about writing life and less about writing technique?

I basically really like writing articles and want to write more, but – as you can probably tell from the mountains I’ve written here – I love to chat as well, especially about things I love. So………………. what can I do for you all?

I think that basically concludes today’s Monday post… Fun times, eh?

I’m going on a Duke of Edinburgh hike this weekend so won’t be online for the Friday post (though it’ll be posted – I’m about to get onto writing it, actually)! 🙂

Have a nice week all!


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