Using Words For Inspiration

So last week I did a post on Using Images For Inspiration. This week, however, I’m using words.

Obviously, words are the things that we use in novels (aside from Chopsticks, which, by the way, is very good (although I guess that raises the question of if it is a novel, but that’s for another time)). But some people do overlook them as a source for inspiration, especially in interesting ways…

Writing Magazine has a competition where they give you the first and last line and you write the end of the story.

You could always be given the plot and fill in the gaps?

Perhaps if you invent a lot of prompts, whenever you feel your writing pool becoming dry, you can just use one of those!

Listen. Listen around you, write down conversations. Something someone says, even in passing, may set of a spark in your brain. You never know, it could be the next best seller and you could be thanking the woman who stood behind you in the queue.

Google is, once again, your best friend. There are plenty of writing prompts on Tumblr, especially!

Ask people. Say, “hey, tell me something to write a story about.” Ask a few different people and mash them all together.

And I promised you guys last week a word generator, and here it is! (warning, contains flashing images) Have some fun with it!

Another thing you can try is the NaNoWriMo YWP front page and press ‘Dare Me!’ on the Dare Machine. Such fun!

Have fun with your words, guys!

(Next week… writing and music?)

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