Tree of Ages by Sara C. Roethle

Tree of Ages
Tree of Ages

Finn has always been a tree, for over one hundred years. But one day, she wakes up and she has pale skin, hair and she’s a girl. Áed, or the Mounteback, takes her in, but soon Finn wants to leave and find out what happened to her and how to reverse the effects. She misses the nature, the connections, the earth. She doesn’t want to be human. Especially with the brewing tensions in the world of the Tuatha.

Finn and Áed’s journey is filled with twists, turns, betrayals, friendships but most of all: adventure.

Let’s talk about character, first, and the main character in this story is Finn. I found her intriguing, rather humorous and not entirely stupid, despite being a tree for a hundred years (yeah, the author managed to get around that loophole). Her persona as the main character wasn’t a bad choice, but I also liked how the author switched to other personas, even for a paragraph or two, to get more of the story. They were all unique voices too, which was pleasant.

Another great thing about the characters in this book was the incredible character development they all went through! All of them, even in the slightest, were changed from their introduction to the end of the novel. Even the main character had some impressive development – even with betrayal which made me angry and upset at the same time.

The tension built up to this book during its many mini characters was great, also. This 400 page book took me three days to zip through, and the tension and build up probably had something to do with it.

Speaking of tension, the book ended on a massive cliff hanger (obviously, because it’s part of a series, but I have to wait until autumn?!). I think this story might tell you something about it: I was reading it on my Kindle at the dinner table (that doesn’t usually happen but my parents weren’t eating). My dad was cutting some bread for himself and I cried out once I had finished it in frustration and he nearly stabbed me with the bread knife (he thought I was angry he was cutting off the end of the loaf).

Okay now let’s talk about the actual writing style. I liked how the author tried to write in the dialect of the time. Sometimes it was pulled off well, sometimes not so much. Still, the actual style was gripping and the author kept enough back but gave you a flavour of it to keep reading.

I would recommend this to people who enjoy fantasy and myths, but obviously it’s not for everyone (those romance lover amongst you would be throwing your hands up). Still, I cannot wait for the second one (and will try not to get stabbed with a breadknife).

I read Tree of Ages as an ARC before it is published on March 31st in exchange for an honest review. 🙂

UPDATE: Tree of Ages is now available to buy! Visit the author’s website for details!

TITLE: Tree of Ages
AUTHOR: Sara C. Roethle
PUBLISHER: I think it might be self published
ISBN: 978-0-6923-9892-0
PERSONAL SOURCE: ARC from author before publication in exchange for an honest review

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