Top Ten Favourite Heroines

Well I forgot to do last weeks but yay I remembered this week! 😀

So this week is… Top Ten Favourite Heroines (as you have probably noticed from the title)! Therefore, without further ado….

  1. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. Need I explain?
  2. Thalia Grace from Percy Jackson and the Olympians. She’s just fantastic (well, book!Thalia is. I didn’t particularly like movie!Thalia). So badass, and she does her ‘Daughter of Zeus’ thing which I find pretty cool.
  3. Scarlett March from Scarlett Red (Jackson Pearce). Like, vroom, you don’t even notice she’s there and you’re dead. Well. The Fenris are. Not you, personally (unless you’re a Fenris).
  4. Maia Fielding from Journey to the River Sea (Eva Ibbotson). She’s not exactly the incredible killer or the funniest or the bravest, but she’s a survivor and for that I admire her.
  5. Rogue from X-Men. Her amazing power is just an oxymoron, and gosh if I could give her a cuddle I would.
  6. Natasha Romanov [Black Widow] from The Avengers. She’s stunning and an awesome assassin. Plus she can kick the guy’s butt, which is pretty funny in my eyes. C’mon, let’s face it, she steals the show. And she and Clint are just perfecto.
  7. Clove from The Hunger Games. Not your obvious choice? Perhaps, but she seemed pretty cool (if slightly evil and psychotic), and she’s smart, ruthless and a really good killer.
  8. Rikki from H2O (TV series). Yeah, if you’ve ever seen it, you’ll, uh, know why she’s not an obvious choice, but she makes me laugh (and is gorgeous).
  9. Mary Hearn from True History of the Kelly Gang. Fun fact. Mary never existed, despite this being the ‘true history’ of the Australian outlaw. But she’s pretty cool and takes absolutely no shit from Ned which I like.
  10. Maya Van Wagenen from Popular: A Memoir. Sure, she’s a real person so not exactly a literary character, but boy is she a heroine of mine!

So there you have it. Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

What’s yours?

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