Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have

I wasn’t planning on doing this – it’s last week’s – but it sounded really interesting and fun so yeah I’m doing it. Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish (well, it was a week ago anyways!).

  1. Bending the spines in paperbacks. I really hate it. I didn’t used to, but recently if a spine isn’t bent I can’t do it – if it already is though, I don’t mind too much. My Odyssey and Satyricon are a bit bent, but they are set texts for college, so that’s a bit more understandable!  It just gets to be a bit of a problem when I’m reading a massive book like The Book Thief or Game of Thrones. How am I not meant to bend that, you ask? By reading slanted and only opening it a fraction is the answer!
  2. Bookmarks. I have wayyy too many. I can never decide which one to use in my books. I did favour the corner bookmark, but now I have a magnetic bookmark. But I miss my corner bookmark! But I love this bookmark – and just about 500 others!
  3. I have too many books. Currently I have 6 shelves on my bookshelf, all of which are stuffed with books and have books on top of books etc., books on my desk, books in my wardrobe, books on my wardrobe, books under my chest of draws, books in my chest of drawers, books next to my bed, books in my bed and books not even in my room because I can’t fit them in. That’s a lot of books.
  4. I am always broke. Either because I buy to many books or because I have bought something else and then can’t afford books. Kind of ironic that this comes from The Broke and the Bookish eh? Or perhaps just fitting!
  5. Too many books to read, too little time to read them in. Currently on my TBR for two weeks are a two graphic novels, two novel novels, one book coming from a comic and I’m still half way through two others.
  6. My friends keep lending me books. My friend Jake has leant me one of Bear Grylls’ – whilst I love Bear, I’m still reading his massive hardback one plus others. My friend Sophie keeps recommending books, too. Whilst I love them both for being bookish, it means I basically am being overwhelmed with books (though I wouldn’t change that for the world).
  7. Libraries. They’re fantastic, right? (That’s rhetorical but if you really want an answer, it’s ‘yes’.) But the trouble is they’re free and other people can get the books I want out so when I see them, I get the books out. Or if I see one I think looks vaguely interesting, I get it out. Long story short, I have loads of library books and there is going to come a point when I can’t actually renew them any longer.
  8. College. I do love college, but it means I don’t have as much time to read as I used to. I read three books over half-term, but since going back I’ve barely read a page. I only went back on Monday and now it’s Tuesday night!
  9. Buses. Odd one to have, but I love reading on buses. But my friends keep talking to me. I can’t read on buses. 😦 (I am determined to tomorrow though!)
  10. Instagram. Currently I’m doing a #feb15bookchallenge, which means taking a picture of a certain book/s every day. Trouble is, I haven’t actually done it since the 21st, because I keep forgetting. Ah well. (Also, my Instagram account isn’t even a book account! Oh dear. And I also follow too many people so get distracted and yeah…)

So those are my Top 10 Book Related Problems! I actually found that quite easy, to be honest! Still, I would never stop reading if given the option (hopefully that choice will never come up!).

What are yours?

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