Back To College

Hello all! I’m so happy you’ve got this far already! Yay, go you!


As you might have told from the title, this week I’m back at college. And revision has really kicked in. Oh, joy.

It’s not that I don’t like revision. It’s more that, well, I can’t be bothered to start. But once I get started, I find it difficult to stop (although with history I do, admittedly, just get distracted). I set a time limit to be off by 8:30 and have some time to myself every night, and today I actually overran (which is impressive in itself). I set goals, though, and I am a very determined and stubborn person, so I do tend to meet them (hence I overran).

Fun fact: as I was typing just now, I used both ‘over-ran’ and ‘overran’. Did you know they’re both correct?!

The Blog

As per usual, although, le gasp, you might actually get a WWC this week! THEY RETURN!

Or it might be next week, depending on when I write it…

I also made the almost-startling discovery that I don’t have to post every book review I write on here. I’ve recently signed up to BookLook Bloggers and have got a free book I need to R&R and post the review of on here, and I was thinking of when to queue it before realising, perhaps you don’t want to read about all the books I read. It’s weird how that never crossed my mind before. (If you are curious about a review of all the books I read, then you can check out my GoodReads.)

Have a nice week my fantastic followers! 😀


7 thoughts on “Back To College

  1. “perhaps you don’t want to read about all the books I read” While I don’t tend to consistently keep up with blogs that post nothing BUT reviews, I do like seeing people talk about the books they read and what they thought of them.

    Most of the books are things I’ve not read (and may be planning to), so it’s nice to get other perspectives. It also acts as a way to get some recommendations for new books to look into.

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