Fathomless by Jackson Pearce


Lo is an ocean girl. That is, she lives at the bottom of the ocean, naked and with plenty of other girls like her. The only problem is, she doesn’t remember her life beforehand. Like any of the others. Until Molly comes along and tells her she knows everything. Like why the angels don’t really exist.

Celia lives on the shore, with her sisters Jane and Anne. Celia has a power; she can see anyone’s past, if she touches their bare skin. When Celia and Lo help to rescue a boy from drowning, both of their lives begin to ripple.

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. I love Jackson Pearce, and I love her books. Of course I would read anything by her if I were given a chance, and when I got Fathomless for Christmas, I was jumping for joy (I also got Cold Spell, the last in the series, but I’m saving it because I might cry when the series is over).

Okay so onto the actual storyline. So far, Pearce has had books set in a forest, a town and now at the seaside. Fathomless is a remake of The Little Mermaid, so this is kind of obvious. I really enjoyed the storyline. Naida/Lo’s plight is one that, whilst not being completely realistic, is still relatable: the fear of losing one’s identity, especially when you have no control over the fact it is disappearing. And I really liked Celia’s involvement too, and the love triangle between Celia, Nadia and Jude. Yes, for once, I liked a love triangle. Shock, horror.

That brings me onto the characters. I thought Celia’s sisters, Jane and Anne, had some pretty good character development, as did Nadia/Lo, as well as Celia herself. And, as always with Pearce’s writing, each of the characters have their own unique voice, which Pearce uses to her advantage. For example, a character called Molly, who I would have quite happily strangled, was completely different from the others, which made her character’s twist at the end brilliantly exquisite.

The Reynolds fiasco also popped up again, in Celia Reynolds. I am so intrigued by why they keep appearing, and I cannot wait to read the last one, in the hope that we’ll finally be told!

Although it doesn’t particularly make you think, this book is fun to read and you’ll gobble it up as fast as you can. I enjoyed everything about the book: the dark/light contrast of the settings, the different characters and their lives, the comedy intertwined with some of the darkest parts. And I might be biased, but I say read it!


TITLE: Fathomless
AUTHOR: Jackson Pearce
PUBLISHER: Hodder’s Children’s Books (UK), Little, Brown and Company (USA)
YEAR OF PUBLICATION: Originally 2011 (my edition: 2013)
PRICE: £6.99
ISBN: 978-1-444-91555-6
PERSONAL SOURCE: Christmas present

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