Hello everyone!


IT’S HALF-TERM HERE IN THE UK! Which means one week off! Whoop!

…except I have rather a lot of homework and revision to do. Eh. Ah well. I also seem to have suddenly developed a social life which, whilst surprising, is also taking up a lot of time.

I have also created a writing to-do list which is pinned up above my desk and includes things like when competition entries are due, when to plan my next novellas and book reviews I still have to write. I’m hoping it’s going to be useful!

Other than that, I have embarked on #5books7days on Instagram and have yet to even start one (it finished on the 22nd), however I did spent most of the morning reading Anna and the French Kiss which I finished this morning. You should definitely read it, it made me laugh out loud and squeal with delight! Review coming 1st March!

PS make sure to check out hannahbanana for other stuff going on in my life if you’re interested in what other mischief I’m getting up to!

The Blog

Posts as per usual! I don’t really know why I have this section any more…!


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