Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero by Harriet Evans

Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero
Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero

Laura Foster was a hopeless romantic, living in Jane Austen novels and managing to stay out real life. Then she met Nick; the real-life Mr Darcy, even with the estate and family tree to match. They’ve been together for four years, and she can’t imagine life without him. But Nick has started to keep secrets from Laura, and people constantly ask, to no avail, when there’ll be wedding bells. She’s starting to think she might not be good enough for his family. And then it all starts to go horribly wrong. Can Laura and Nick make it work?

I’m reading loads more romance at the moment, and can I just say that I’m loving it. Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero, like other romances I have read, definitely did not disappoint.

Each chapter is a ‘rule’, designed by the narrator, Laura, and details how to survive being in the spotlight and with such a lot of pressure on your shoulders. The rules were comedic and I really enjoyed the different chapter titles, kind of like Rick Riordan’s in Percy Jackson.

I really liked Laura. She was funny but also very believable. I would have guessed things she didn’t a long time ago, but it was still realistic, and I really enjoyed reading about her and her relationship with Nick. Speaking of Nick, he was also a fine, enjoyable character, and all of the others had their own voices and personalities, a sometimes difficult thing that Evans did very well.

This ‘book’ is another Quick Read, and therefore the plot wasn’t as complex as it otherwise could have been, but it was still enjoyable, and other side plots ran alongside it well. The only bit I was a bit dubious about was right at the end, but it was still nice! Another thing that I didn’t know: Rules is actually a sequel to the novel A Hopeless Romantic, but I don’t think you need to read it to enjoy this Quick Read. Just thought you might be curious.

The overall tone of the novel was light and airy with a little bit of pathos and comedy intertwined, which sounds strange but was actually written very well.

A joyous, fun read, and I would definitely recommend this Quick Read to any other hopeless romantics out there!

TITLE: Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero
AUTHOR: Harriet Evans
PUBLISHER: HarperCollins (Quick Reads)
ISBN: 9780007545360
WHERE I GOT MY COPY: Borrowed from library

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