Amy’s Diary by Maureen Lee

Amy’s Diary

On September 3rd, 1939, Amy Browning turns 18 and starts a diary. Whilst being a tremendous day for her, it’s also the day that she hears it on the wireless: Great Britain was at war with Germany. Life goes on as normal for a while, with Amy and her friend getting a job at a factory and her sister giving birth to a baby boy. But then her brother is fighting in France, her boyfriend joins the RAF and the bombs begin to fall on Liverpool.

I hadn’t actually read a WWII book set in Liverpool before, and this novelette seemed like a perfect place to start, with what I hoped to be a realistic but promising lead.

However, I wasn’t particularly best pleased with this book. Whilst her friend Sally seemed to be 3D and have flaws, Amy seemed a bit like a paper-cut character, even though she had plenty of character-building toils thrown her way. I never really got into her romance, although I did like her sister, Alice, and an America soldier Amy came across: they were my two favourite characters, and pretty minor ones at that!

The writing style was not to my liking: I never really understood if Amy was actually writing in her diary, or if this was a recount afterwards. The style also seemed a little simplistic to me, although I understand that Amy was presented as being quite plain.

The plot…well, to me, there didn’t really seem to be one. Okay, I understood that it was about Amy’s life in the war, but that seems, to me, to be a loose version of the word ‘plot’, it needed more in it to make it more interesting to be the main one. Some of the subplots had more life.

Although I have just written a rather scathing review, I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the WWII time period. It does offer an insight into rationing and how the Home Front carried on living, despite the atrocities being committed elsewhere. Some characters are rather charming ,and scandals are present which can make it an intriguing read. What’s more, it’ll only take you an hour or so to get through, so it’s not a decent amount of your time. And unlike One Good Turn by Chris Ryan, which I reviewed last week, this does give you an uplifting finish.

Ps I’ve decided to start adding this at the end of the review:

TITLE: Amy’s Diary
AUTHOR: Maureen Lee
PUBLISHER: Orion Books LTD (Quick Reads)
PRICE: £1.99
ISBN: 9781409137382
WHERE I GOT MY COPY: Borrowed from the library.


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