Hi everyone! Hope you all had a nice week last week. 🙂


I’ve finished my Doctor Who fanfiction! Now, all I have to do is edit it. It’s being published on Saturday (check out this blog for updates!). I’m quite excited! And now that this Doctor Who one is over, I can make a start on my Wolverine/Rogue one! Oh, I love fanfiction.

Anyone else excited for Top Gear this weekend!? I caught the end of their LiveStream last night, so that was pretty cool!

I think I might start planning for my second novella in the series this week. Should be exciting! The other one is listed here, and entitled An Icy Collision. The second will focus on the character Anna. You can read the first one here on Wattpad or here on ML!

The Blog

I think I might change the day of the Friday post. If it’s up on time this week, I’ll carry on, but if it’s not I’ll change it to Thursday or Saturday. I volunteer at Scouts on Fridays, and it’s just a lot of work!

Sunday post will be as usual, though. 🙂 And I know it definitely will be this time, because I scheduled it!

I’m thinking of starting a Wednesday drabble. Thoughts?

Have a nice week everyone! 


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