My Bum Is Going To Drop Off

Hello everyone! Sorry I didn’t write yesterday; I had my first ever A Level mock exam and felt like I deserved a bit of a reward for not dying during it (the result may be a different matter, but I am hoping I did well!) so I watched X-Men for some research for a fanfiction (ehehe that’s what they all say) and because Hugh Jackman and Anna Paquin. And had a hot chocolate.


The reason for the title? I did cardio yesterday. My legs. Although, from the fact that I ache like hell, it means that it’s working, so yay! I’m doing this work out thingy but I’m not entirely sure how it works, and therefore I am doing another one tomorrow, not today.

Fanfictions: my Doctor Who one is nearly finished and then I get to edit it and start posting it whilst I plan my X-Men one, and then I get to start writing that. 😀

I might do some more editing of ‘An Icy Collision’ also this week; however, I have a lot of exams which I need to revise for. 😦

But to finish on a positive note, I am about to start drinking the first fruit tea I’ve had in nearly a year. Here goes…

The Blog

I didn’t post a Sunday review, did I? Oops. I shall this week!

And I’ll actually do a Friday post on Friday (hopefully, anyway).

Have a nice week guys! 


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