Let The Holidays Begin

Hello all! First offs, sorry that this is late. Second offs, hello.


I finally finish college this week and then yay, it’s the Christmas holidays! I’m quite excited, but mainly just for the lie-ins.

Thursday, I have set aside the entire day to finish my novel! I’m pretty excited, even if it’ll probably be crap. Ahh well, what else are first drafts for?

And aside from that… not much else. Oh, I finished Atonement (book review this weekend) and cried my eyes out, then watched the film and cried my eyes out. Read it.

And I started my first seasonal book, called ‘A Dog For Christmas’ so yeah there’s that.

The Blog

Despite me saying every week that there’ll be a Friday post and there hasn’t, this week there actually will be! And apologies for last Friday’s being on Sunday…

As aforementioned, there’ll be a book review on Sunday.

And, if you’re lucky, a WWC that might be on Thursday instead. 🙂

Have a nice week guys! 😀


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