The Final Countdown

If you don’t include today, there are three more sets of 24 hours (or 72 hours to you brainiacs out there) until NaNoWriMo hits.

Yes, you read correctly. Three days.

Are you ready? Here’s my personal NaNo checklist:

  • Plan. I’ve got a story plan this year (if I’m writing to a deadline, it makes it so much easier for me).
  • Character profiles. I think they’ll probably be on Charahub.
  • Tea. Coffee isn’t the tastiest thing in the world, so I’m stocking up on it’s slightly-less-caffinated-but-still-high-enough cousin.
  • A ‘Go Away: I’m Writing’ doorsign…and a memo to listen to it. I actually have one of these on my door, but no one really pays attention. It’s annoying.
  • Word Count Dragons. Have a look on this forum and find one for yourself. Mine this year are Apollo, Rhiudus and Sprite. Here’s hoping they’ll keep me in check…
  • Equally insane buddies. Have you got any NaNo buddies so you can help each other on the quest to madness? For the first time I actually have people who I haven’t just persuaded into doing it. I have people who want to write a novel! 😀
  • A place to back up. Be in OneDrive, Google Docs, emailing it to yourself, printing it, a memory stick or making the paper fireproof, you need to back up and do it AT LEAST every couple of days!
  • A will and a way. You have the will; you have the way. What’s stopping you?

Seeing as this is the last post before NaNoWriMo hits, I’ll wish you good luck now (but stay tuned for Friday when there’ll be a post on great last lines! – with a link to great first lines).

What’s on your NaNoWriMo checklist? Are you ready for the craziness to begin? Comment below, I always love to hear from you! 😀


I’m /so/ gonna post this every week.


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