Hello everyone! Sorry for the late update – I got sidetracked by ‘Inside Out’ on TV. Ahem.


I survived Sheffield. I survived the week. But. Something AMAZING happened on Tuesday, 16th September 2014.

Can you guess?

Have you guessed YET?!

Okay, I give up because I’M TOO EXCITED AND HAVE TO TELL YOU:


Yes, the script that started in July has FINALLY been completed! My first ever film script! I’ve done it! I even shed a little tear as I wrote ‘the end’.

But, that’s where the easy bit ends. I still have to edit. I’m going to finish my novella, An Icy Collisionfirst, then I’ll get back onto editing. 🙂 I already miss my characters!

The Blog

Everything normal, I think, this week, but now we have the readdition of the Weekly Wednesday Challenge! 😀

Hope you all have a great week guys ❤


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