Hello all! Apologies for not posting yesterday. I started college and the ending of the day wasn’t exactly as I had hoped, but there you go.


As I just said, I’m at college now (studying English lit&lang, Classical Civilisations, Late History and Psychology, if you were interested). It’s harder than I expected, but still pretty fun.

Also, I got new glasses at the weekend and they keep slipping off my nose and IT’S REALLY ANNOYING. Grr.

Me right now

The Blog

Normal Friday and Sunday posts…. I don’t know if there’ll be a Wednesday post. I could do an extract of my latest thingy I’m working on? Maybe? Maybe not?

I don’t know.

Also, I’ve just added a new category called ‘characterisation’. You can find it underneath ‘writing advice’ on the left hand side when you go onto my main blog page. So when those characters are being irritating and you want nothing more than to shove their head down a toilet and push the button, it’s somewhere to go!

Have a nice week, guys! 🙂 


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