Tea and Late Updates

Hey guys. I am really sorry about my awful timing. It should be better!


I’m just drinking a lot of tea and procrastinating. I go to college next Monday, so I’ve got one more week on holiday before it’s work!  (Wish me luck.) I have also got just got Netflix and am planning on watching as much as possible before I go back…

Has anyone been watching the new Doctor Who?! What do you think of Capaldi? He’s yet to grow on me, but I still love it.

Other than that, I’m also planning (hoping) to finish my script for Camp NaNoWriMo before I start college! Here’s to wishful thinking…

The Blog 

No WWC, but there’ll be a Friday and Sunday post as usual. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tea and Late Updates

  1. I’ve seen a few clips of the new Doctor, but haven’t seen any of the episodes yet. I can’t find them online anywhere 😦
    From what I’ve seen, I think he’ll do… I wasn’t sure at at first, and still am reserving my full judgement until I’ve seen a full episode.

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