Why Summer is Terrible for Writers (Although Some Like It)

I get it, summer’s great. Pools and parties (eugh, socialisation) and ice cream (actually, I like the ice cream). But, summer isn’t great for everyone – such as polar bears or those mop dogs.

Mop dog

There’s another species summer is not great for: the writer.

There are many sub-species of the writer, but one of them is the indoor-dweller. I happen to fall into this category (aside from many others).

Summer [tends to] = heat. It’s all right today, as I’m writing this, but it’s been in the 30s this month (that’s Celsius, by the way!). And heat means that it’s pretty difficult to write in, especially when you’re sitting outside because the glare of the sun means it’s practically impossible to see what you’re writing, and, let’s face it, longhand is just painful after a while. Not to mention the sweat you build up when you’re stuck inside, because if you take the comfy cushion off that chair, you might get butt-cramp.

Also, if you’re eating ice-cream, you can’t write at the same time – what if it drips? *le gasp*

And if you do go out in the sun, you might get sunburnt, and then you can’t sit comfortably and you have to keep applying after sun which just makes everything sticky.

The only thing summer is good for is reading. Reading is great. I love reading. You read so much in the summer, I find – hot nights which make it difficult to sleep are just invitations to read instead, and even if you prefer an eReader, you can still see the words in the sun (genius!).

Some writers love summer. Basking in the heat, dropping down about 10k words in an hour because apparently summer is the greatest time of the year (okay maybe that was a slight exaggeration) and okay, I get that it’s great for inspiration. I actually really like the beautiful sunsets and it’s nice to not be in constant darkness, but I don’t think that I could live in, like, Australia. I’d melt before I stepped off the plane.

More of an autumn person, me.

Questions, comments, thoughts? What’s your opinion of summer? What are you reading this summer? What are you writing this summer? 

Ps- sorry it’s not the usual article!


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