C’est La Vie!

Happy Monday everyone! (Or not so happy as the case may be. I hope you’re happy, though, there’s plenty to smile about in this world: such as kittens, or chips.)


Guess where I’m going this week?

Betcha have no idea, eh?

Yes, I’m going to France! Paris for a couple of days, then two weeks in a little hamlet. Nice.

However, that means I may not be around as much, so I’m going to schedule posts for the next two weeks (so I am having a day of writing them tomorrow!).

I’m back in two weeks, so I’ll be back to writing the articles on time (or, as the case may be, like with this one, late) soon. 🙂

I’ve also got 5k left to go for Camp NaNoWriMo and two days to do it in. Bring it on, is all I can say!

I WILL complete this camp…I WILL complete this camp…

The Blog

Nope, nothing changing here.

Have a nice week, folks! 🙂


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