Have a Little Faith by Candy Harper

Have a Little Faith by Candy Harper

Have a Little Faith

Have a Little Faith, written in diary entries,follows Faith Ashby throughout her first four months of Year 10 – through underage driving, first kisses, mixed boy feelings and various antics, it keeps you engaged with short entries in places, but also with longer ones that keep you turning the page.

Faith is hilarious, witty, can be quite cruel, and is very feisty but absolutely perfect, and I would love to be her friend. I was constantly laughing – even crying with laughter at one point! – and her story kept me continuously turning the page, eagerly waiting on her next words. Her relationship with brother Sam is fascinating (to say the least) and her friendship with Megs is fantastic!

When I read this book, I was going through my third set of mock exams and was getting ready for my real ones, so it was a rather stressful time – especially as I had about 21 exams crammed into two weeks! The relief I got from reading Have a Little Faith was astounding. I honestly don’t think I would’ve got through it as well as I did without it!

Finishing the book brought a longing to my heart (especially as it ended on a cliffhanger!) and I was also absolutely delighted to find out that there is a sequel, Keeping the Faith, which came out in April! Although I have yet to buy the book, I cannot wait to do so!

I would absolutely recommend this book, mainly to teenagers, but I think adults would find it a humorous read (if just laughing at Faith’s naivety) also!


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