Polly Wants to Be a Writer by Laura Thomas

Polly Wants to Be a Writer by Laura Michelle Thomas

Polly Wants to Be a Writer by Laura Michelle Thomas

Polly Wants to be a Writer tells the story of Polly, a wannabe writer (surprisingly), making a journey from writer’s block to first-drafthood. At the beginning of the book, Polly desperately wants to be able to write, but she just can’t. Then a smelly, grumpy, albino dragon with appalling manners pops out of her Grandmother’s mirror and eats her laptop. Polly runs to Ms.Whitford, an author who was visiting Polly’s school to choose reviewers for her book (and Polly wasn’t one of them). But, to Polly’s surprise, Ms.Whitford isn’t the least bit concerned that Polly has a dragon in her bedroom. Thus commences the story of Polly and Scrum, who she finds out is her literary dragon – her inner critic – fighting the evil Dr.Mammozarack, who tries to take literary dragons from their writers; meeting Yulleg, the world’s most famous writer who hates his job; and finding out that Polly’s dad isn’t a tractor salesman, but actually an author published under many names. All the way throughout, Polly struggles: battling Scrum after he destroys her room and basically terrifies her; making friends with Scrum after he destroys her room and terrifies her; defying authority to save her friends; and the challenge of writing her first draft – her lump of clay.

Although different to what I imagined (I thought it would be more of a manual, to be honest), Polly was a good story. With hints from Ms.Whitford, that can be applied to real life, the sassiness of Scrum and the reliability of the story kept me engaged, and the tips really are worthwhile. So basically, this book teaches you, but also informs you and keeps you gripping the pages. I really hope that my dragon, Ariadne, will be as helpful as Scrum when my first book is finished! – and I will definitely try to write Polly’s story, which is a little challenge set by Laura, the author, at the end of the book.


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