Asking Will Get You Killed {Short Story}

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Asking Will Get You Killed

Wordcount: 190
Prompt: each sentence has to start with the word the last one ended with…if that made sense.


Asking Will Get You Killed


A piece of broken glass illuminates her bright, blue eyes. Eyes that had seen horrors, but were now recovering, eyes that glowed now that she could see. See what? I asked myself. Myself, who had had a hand in creating these monstrosities that were roaming the lands around us. Us, who were just mere specks of dust on this lonely, old planet.

Planets that orbited us had no idea how lucky they were; to be safe, free from this disaster that had begun the night before last. Last time this had nearly occurred, it had been stopped, just in time. Time that was useless now, flowing by, like the water of all the streams in the world which never stopped, despite the disasters that surround them. Them, like the ones who were six-feet under now, the ones who didn’t know what was happening to their beautiful home.

Home. Home; the word was alien to my ears. Ears that had been unable to block out the wretched screams of the dying. Dying for what, you ask? Asking is the wrong thing to do, however, nowadays. Nowadays, asking will get you killed.


Thank you for reading! Feedback is appreciated. 🙂


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