So, on Tuesday (29th Apr), I came home to my first ever rejection letter on the kitchen table. Was I disappointed? A bit. Did I want to give up and never write again because I thought I wasn’t good enough? Naa.

Getting rejected is something every serious writer will go through – whether it’s from a magazine, newspaper or publisher. But how do you cope with it?

  1. Don’t go on a murderous rampage. Everybody gets rejected. Sometimes, you’re just gonna have to learn to open that letter without threatening to storm to wherever it came from and demand that they accept your manuscript.
  2. See it as an opportunity to try again. You really need to do this just as you read the letter. It’ll help with the hit, trust me! It just means that you can nitpick your work and make it better. If you’re lucky, the sender of the letter will even send you some tips – if not, then you can still do it yourself!
  3. Don’t think your writing is rubbish. It’s not. Perhaps you’re just not sending your work into the right place – for example, if you’ve written a romance and you’re sending it into a publishing house that tends to put out gothic horror.
  4. Try again. Send your writing into another place; or back to the same one with a different piece – or, indeed, the same piece – of writing if you want to!
  5. Don’t give up. JKR was rejected 12 times before someone accepted her. Now, she has a net worth of about $1 billion! So don’t think you’re rubbish. If she hadn’t kept trying, there would be no Harry Potter – can you imagine what a terrible world this would be if there wasn’t?!

When you do open that letter, and see those three dreaded words – I’m sorry, but… – it’s perfectly okay to be upset. In fact, it’s natural! Feel free to have a cry, maybe a little scream of irritation. You may feel like you never want to write again, and that’s all right – for a few days. Even if you don’t pick up your story/article again for a while, that’s fine, too! Just make sure you do, eventually. See point 5.

To pick yourself up, you just need to smile and remember that at least they read your work. And, at least they wrote back. Finally, you just need to sit back and think that you can do this –you can make it better.

Just remember that you’re not terrible at what you do. If you love it, how bad can you be?

I believe in you, if no one else!

– Hannah 😀

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