A Scene of The Gang {Short Story}

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A Scene of The Gang

Prompt: “Eavesdrop” – this challenge was to listen in on a conversation, and use it as a prompt! 
Wordcount: 543

Sorry, this is really bad, but I promise I write something every week, so I do! I found this challenge really hard!


“Right, either it fixed itself, or I can’t read. Let’s vote.”

“I vote you can’t read.” A girl, sparkling green eyes, grinned from across the room, the army cap crooked on her head.

“Well. That’s rude.” The grey-eyed boy glared.

“To be fair, Scott, you couldn’t even sneeze Pepsi Max properly.”

Scott glared at the girl, thinking he would get eye-strain by the end of the day. “Look, Little Miss Cocky, I had the split second decision of swallowing and hoping I wouldn’t choke, keeping it in my mouth and sneeze through my nose, or opening my mouth. Horrific decision, either way.”

“Lovely,” Alice said, wrinkling her nose. “Still, you didn’t even get it 5 foot.”

Oscar, a blond-haired, gangly teenager, broke in. “Yeah, even when I was a baby I got it further than that.” Alice snorted.

“Guys. Quiet. I’m working.” Janie, a slim, studious girl, scowled from across the room, barely looking up as she furiously typed.

Oscar, mockingly, said, “Oh, she’s working. When are you ever not working, Jan?”

“When have you ever called me Jan, Os?”

“Oi!” Alice interjected. “That’s my nickname for him!”

Janie poked her tongue out. “Sorry, Ali.” Alice opened her mouth for a second before closing it.

“Actually, a lot of people call me that.” She waved an authoritative hand. “Continue, peasant.”

“Rude!” Scott shouted to no one in particular, a wide grin over his face.

Alice grinned. “I am.”

A head poked around the door, and a pair of piercing, brown eyes stared into the room, making the teenagers, even the most powerful woman in the world, squirm uncomfortably in their chairs. “I hope you lot are working.”

The others turned to Alice, who smiled sweetly, and swung in her chair. “As always, Brookes.”

“Hmm.” Still, Brookes disappeared. From the side of the room, Alice felt a pair of curious eyes settle on her.

“Yes?” she asked Cal, a new boy who Alice had brought in, who was staring curiously at her.

“I, er…”Cal started, but was interrupted by Oscar kissing Alice’s head; Cal watched him pick up the entire tray of empty coffee mugs near the door to go to the vending machine outside. Alice knew Cal had been watching them muck about together, and thought he would ask- “Are you two related, or together or something?”

Knew it, she grinned. She still had a childish glee whenever she guessed something before someone said it. “Related? Psh.” She straightened the cap on her head. “To be honest, Cal, if we were related, I think I would have killed him by now.”

“He would’ve killed you first,” Scott muttered darkly.

“Yeah, right, like he could kill me.”

“Yeah. Right.”

“Unless you counted dying of laughter at his stupid escapades.”

“I can hear you!” Oscar yelled from the coffee machine outside.

“I know!” Alice shouted back. Cal giggled.

“You guys are nuts.”

“Don’t you forget it,” Scott, his tongue sticking out of the side of his mouth in concentration, muttered.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure you’re going to be one of us, soon, Cally.” Alice winked at him, passing him a yellow rubber duck.


Feedback is appreciated! 🙂


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