The Fairy Tale of Pain {Short Story}

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The Fairy Tale of Pain Cover

Wordcount: 286
Prompt: write a dystopian story in 16 lines (4 paragraphs, 4 lines in each)


There was once a world where no one felt pain. Not even for a broken bone, or during childbirth. No one cried, or felt heartbreak if their lover left them. Soon, even the concept of pain was just an idea from the fairy tales of the past.

If a child scraped their knee, they would bounce back up and carry on running, not caring about the droplets of blood that splattered onto the floor. The government, keen on shielding people from the harsh truth of life, made sure that people were immune to the emotion. Citizens were used to being pumped full of drugs on a regular basis. Smiles were permanently plastered on faces, and even death was not feared, nor the ones who had moved on missed.

But, one day, there was a girl and boy. They had been away on holiday, enjoying themselves, when the girl fell ill. She got sicker and sicker, and eventually, she died. For the first time in his life, the boy felt pain: he sat down, and cried for his lost love.

A feeling of cold settled over his chest; bile rose in his throat; tears fell down his face, puddling on the floor. He went outside, and tripped through his blindness, cutting his hand on the stones. As the blood dribbled down his wrist, the boy’s jaw dropped open in shock at the unknown feeling coursing through his veins that made him want to cry out; then, Officials from the Capital stood in his path, their eyes bright and friendly but the guns in their hands saying otherwise. Seemingly without a conscience, or even a hint as to what they were doing, they raised their arms and fired.


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