Whoa, Back Up There!

What’s the most important thing when you write?

Ask that to a variety of people, and you’ll get lots of different answers. You may get keeping the same person (1st, 2nd or 3rd), or keeping up with your spelling and grammar, or making sure you have character development.

And, although that I think that these are valuable skills when writing, amongst others, there is one more that I would strongly, strongly advise: backing up your work.

By backing up, I don’t mean making a mental note of the stories you have. I don’t mean telling someone else about it. I mean backing it up. Let my expand.

Backing up means saving your work somewhere else than your laptop. You know how it is. It can crash. You can spill coffee all over it. Anything can happen. And then all your hard work…poof.

If you write your stuff out longhand, then yay for you – no backing up needed. But if you don’t and your computer is your life, how else can you back it up? Well, here’s a few ideas:

  • Email it to yourself or a friendIf you email it to yourself you can go and find it again. If you email it to your friend, they can always send it back to you if you lose it! Also, they could also proof read it for you. 😉
  • Use Google Docs. Ever heard of it? It’s now called the ‘Google Drive’, but, y’know, I think Google Docs sounds better. Basically, you use your Google account to sign up, and you can create, edit and share documents with other people (they can also edit it if you let them) and then you can access it from any computer, as long as you know your email and password! Great, eh?
  • Obvious: use a memory stick. This little buggers can be picked up from loads of places – online, WHSmith, even Boots probably sell them. You can get a nice one, just for your writing or that particular novel, or one that you put everything on! For example, I have one that looks like a clip you use when climbing that is just for writing. I can clip it to my jeans, too.
  • Print it out. Now, this isn’t really backing up, and if you lose everything it’s a bit of a long process to type it up again, but yay, then you have your work printed out! I wouldn’t recommend it, though, unless it’s just a short story.

So yes, I hope you have some ideas for how to back up your work – now, go and put them into practice! Go, back up, now!

And whilst you do that, I shall back up, too…

(Sorry it was late! Questions? Shoot!) 🙂

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