I’m Really Sorry

Hi guys,

I’m really sorry that I haven’t posted in ages. I will once more when I actually have some decent ideas of what to write about…

In the meantime, have a short story, thing. Or, you can read it here on ReadWave, a site for 3 minute stories (or 800 words). This one isn’t 800, but enjoy anyway.


I Think I Care Too Much

When people ask, “What do you care about?” it’s easy to say what was probably the first thing that popped into your head: “Oh, my family of course.”

And, when you think about it, yes, that is true.

But when you think about it some more, other things pop into your mind.

Friends, even ones you don’t talk to that much any more; pets, even ones who are a little bit wild; hell, even food – ’cause you’re lucky if you have a full plate every night.

And then you think a little more, and other things make themselves aware.

You care about that special book that you’ve had since childhood; or the teddy bear that you couldn’t sleep without. Even your favourite seat on the school bus, or a pen that you thought was lucky and had it in every single damn exam – even when there was no more ink left.

Perhaps you’re a little more superficial – you care about your phone, or laptop, over other things. Or even a special woolly Christmas jumper, that you pretend you hate but secretly cannot wait to get out every year.

Sometimes even just sitting in front of the TV and watching your favourite program or a film with a hot drink and a blanket.

There are a lot of things many people care about – sometimes too many to list, even if you had all day.

But, for most of us, there is that special someone in your life. You know the one – they make it seem like you are floating on air when your feet are firmly on the ground, like your heart is beating at 10,000 miles an hour, and you pray and pray and pray that it will never, ever end.

See? That one person just popped into your head, didn’t they? The person that makes you smile when you think of them; the person who’s voice you can hear in your mind, and that voice that you can formulate into any sentence you wish; the person who’s face you fall asleep smiling about and is the first thing that pops into your mind in the morning.

And if I asked you after reading this, “What is the thing you care about most of all?”

What would you honestly, truly say? 


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