To Emily

Hi Guys! Sorry for not posting, I’ve been ill and busy. šŸ˜¦ But here’s a poem for my friend Emily, sorry if you don’t like it/it’s bad.


You may not always be with me,

But I know you’re always there,

‘Cause you’re my best mate, Emi

And you know I’ll always care.


Like the vibrating dildo guy

And the chalky water trauma,

Our friendship has had its ups and downs

But we sail through the rough waters.


We may have different OTPs,

Perhaps the fandoms, too;

And we sometimes have our differences,

But remember that I’ll always love you!


Is it that bad? :3

You can also read it here on Wattpad. šŸ™‚ Vote, perhaps? :3

Also, guys: this is my 40th post! Yay, look how far I’ve come! Thanks for all of your support, lots of love. šŸ˜›

Hannah šŸ™‚


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