Villany Voo, Villany Vee

“You’d better watch out and hide in a hole, you better watch, he’s stealing your soul; Voldemort is coming to town…” 

Wazzup?! Sorry it’s been ages since I last wrote, been busy and tired. xD So, anyway; every story needs to good guy and a bad guy. And anyone can make a good guy – they just do the right thing, don’t they? But what makes a good bad guy?

Now, not all bad guys are always bad – hell, sometimes they’re never bad, as it were, they just disagree with the good guy. In story terms, by the way, the bad guy is often called the antagonist, whilst the good guy the protagonist. Geddit? Pro = good, ant = bad. Not saying ants are bad, but the way. I’m not, like, antphobic or anything…


To start with, a good bad guy (err…) needs a back story. What made them so evil?- or a bully?- or who just likes to disagree with the good guy? Was their brother a dick head and taught him how to shove people’s heads in loos? Were they bullied themselves? So make sure your antagonists’ back story is just as good as your protagonists’, cause otherwise the readers won’t connect with the story, let alone the characters.

Secondly, don’t make them the cliche bad guy. Like, not stark raving mad (unless that is their character), not seriously ugly, or seriously beautiful – like the typical blonde bimbo that’s dating the school jock and gets in the way of the nice girl who just so happens to be a ‘normal’ looking girl who manages to steal her boyfriends heart and get on the bad side of her. That is something that annoys me, in case you haven’t realised… Make them just as realistic as your main character.

Thirdly, make sure they have a motive, for whatever they’re doing that makes them the bad guy doing the bad things. Unless they were born that way, which I highly doubt, they’re gonna need something that made them bad. Was their mum murdered and they’re out for revenge? Are they jealous? Even if it’s the smallest thing, your antagonist needs a motive.

And even if you have a likable bad guy *cough*Loki*cough*, they still need to have the motives and the thing that makes them bad. And, like I said, even if it’s a really awful reason. 🙂

Hope that helped some people. Questions? Shoot.

– Hannah 😀


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