The Old Woman

First off’s, sorry for not posting in a while; I’ve been rushed off my feet!

Second of all, I hope you enjoy the poem I wrote. 🙂


The Old Woman

When I was walking my dog

The other day, in the Great British Weather

(IE: the pouring rain),

I saw an old woman,

Crossing the road.


She was unremarkable

In many ways.

Her hair, clothes, stance.

But her eyes;

They gave away the story.


There were crinkles at the sides:

Laugh lines.

But, then again,

Her eyes had a sadness in them;

As if they had witnessed a great horror.


I helped her across the road

And she said I should be on my way; so I went.

But when I got home, I realised that I should have stayed.

Because I never saw her again. 

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