New Ideas! New Ideas Everywhere!

Hi guys! First offs, sorry for not writing – it’s been kinda busy around here! Secondly, Happy Holidays! I don’t know what you celebrate so I’ll say that for everyone. 🙂 I hope you had a good one – my parents got me a new laptop! :O And I also got a penguin, who I think is my new muse.

So, if you’ve been writing over the holidays, is it constantly one thing, or are new ideas popping up everywhere?

Because for me, although I’m halfway through two separate novels, I’m having new ideas find their way into my head. And, sometimes, it’s rather annoying. But what can you do?

I’ll tell you what you can do, mes ami.

  • Forget it. Easily the easiest, but most definitely the most boring. Forgetting an idea?! Abismal. And, besides, that particular idea could be a best seller. You should probably ignore this option, actually. Just letting you know it’s there – and, if you don’t follow some of the next steps, that’s probably what will happen.
  • Get an ‘ideas notebook’. And, whenever you have an idea, hear a good quote, a book title – write it down! Make sure you do as much detail as possible – no matter how hard you try, ‘dog – rabbit – alien’ won’t make as much sense later.
  • On your laptop/computer/tablet, if you have one, make an ‘ideas’ folder, and then make a new document for every new idea you have. Then you can have a new document per idea, meaning you can add as much as you want, and if you want to start writing, you can move the document to a new story folder!
  • If you have a phone, and can download apps, download a free note app. Then, when you’re out, and you have an idea, you can write them down! Make sure it’s an offline one, though.

And that’s about it, really.

Hope that helps – although I guess most of it was pretty obvious?

I’m going away on the 27th and come back on the 12th, too, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to post! Have fun whilst I’m away. 🙂

Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep writing! 😀


To Emily

Hi Guys! Sorry for not posting, I’ve been ill and busy. 😦 But here’s a poem for my friend Emily, sorry if you don’t like it/it’s bad.


You may not always be with me,

But I know you’re always there,

‘Cause you’re my best mate, Emi

And you know I’ll always care.


Like the vibrating dildo guy

And the chalky water trauma,

Our friendship has had its ups and downs

But we sail through the rough waters.


We may have different OTPs,

Perhaps the fandoms, too;

And we sometimes have our differences,

But remember that I’ll always love you!


Is it that bad? :3

You can also read it here on Wattpad. 🙂 Vote, perhaps? :3

Also, guys: this is my 40th post! Yay, look how far I’ve come! Thanks for all of your support, lots of love. 😛

Hannah 🙂

Character Imagery

Hi guys! Because I’m really tired, and I haven’t written in a while and am currently distracted, this post may be just a little bit fragmented. Apologies ahead of time, or whatever that sentence should actually be.

Sooooo today, character imagery! How do you make your characters look good to the reader – by showing, not telling.

Think of the most cliche way to describe a character in a book. For me, I think it would be describing in front a mirror, you know; the ‘I looked at my less-than-average features. Long, slick brown hair, piercing blue eyes. My nose was average, petite. I had a smattering of freckles over the top of them. I was an average height,’ etc etc etc. And then you have the cliche ‘I was less than average’, because, actually, they’re quite pretty.

So, how to do it better? First of all, don’t use a mirror scene. Second of all, drop hints. For example: “I hit my head on the bus roof on the top deck, and rubbed it as I sat in the seat, having to sit sideways because bus companies didn’t think that there were tall people in the world,” tells you that the character is, perhaps, a bit more than average tall, and is, perhaps, a bit bitter about it. Or, “As I was running, I pushed a spare strand of light brown hair from my eyes that had missed my grasp, and tucked it behind my ears,” this tells you that she has over than shoulder length light brown hair. ‘How do you know it’s more than shoulder length?’ you ask. – Because it ‘missed [her] grasp’ – meaning that the rest of her hair is tied up. Hehe, call me Sherlock Holmes. 🙂

So yeah, I hope that helped. If you don’t know how to describe your characters, then why not draw them, or, if you really really can’t draw, try a website called Doll Divine and find a decent ‘doll maker’ to design your character on, then just draw your imagery from them; although, no offense, if it’s your character, you should know them well enough to not even have to get up a picture of them to find out. – So you need to make sure you do your planning well.

If you’re planning, get a sheet, or something – and fill each thing in detail. For example, in hair, make sure you do the colour as exact as you can, the length (eg, it was down to her armpit), where the hairline sits, etc.

And if you’re a bit skeptical about using a design thing called ‘Doll Divine’, especially if you’re a guy, then have a look at some of these below, of my characters. If you click on the picture, it’ll link you to the maker. 🙂

Questions, guys? Shoot. Hope this helped.

Alice Frost :)

Alice Frost. 🙂

Janie Harrington. :)

Janie Harrington. 🙂

Leah - although she actually has already died in the book...

Leah – although she actually has already died in the book…

'The Gang' - not the best maker for my characters on this one, for example, both Oscar and Janie have fringes - but it'll do until I can draw them. L-R: Oscar, Scott, Janie & Alice.

‘The Gang’ – not the best maker for my characters on this one, for example, both Oscar and Janie have fringes – but it’ll do until I can draw them. L-R: Oscar, Scott, Janie & Alice.

Villany Voo, Villany Vee

“You’d better watch out and hide in a hole, you better watch, he’s stealing your soul; Voldemort is coming to town…” 

Wazzup?! Sorry it’s been ages since I last wrote, been busy and tired. xD So, anyway; every story needs to good guy and a bad guy. And anyone can make a good guy – they just do the right thing, don’t they? But what makes a good bad guy?

Now, not all bad guys are always bad – hell, sometimes they’re never bad, as it were, they just disagree with the good guy. In story terms, by the way, the bad guy is often called the antagonist, whilst the good guy the protagonist. Geddit? Pro = good, ant = bad. Not saying ants are bad, but the way. I’m not, like, antphobic or anything…


To start with, a good bad guy (err…) needs a back story. What made them so evil?- or a bully?- or who just likes to disagree with the good guy? Was their brother a dick head and taught him how to shove people’s heads in loos? Were they bullied themselves? So make sure your antagonists’ back story is just as good as your protagonists’, cause otherwise the readers won’t connect with the story, let alone the characters.

Secondly, don’t make them the cliche bad guy. Like, not stark raving mad (unless that is their character), not seriously ugly, or seriously beautiful – like the typical blonde bimbo that’s dating the school jock and gets in the way of the nice girl who just so happens to be a ‘normal’ looking girl who manages to steal her boyfriends heart and get on the bad side of her. That is something that annoys me, in case you haven’t realised… Make them just as realistic as your main character.

Thirdly, make sure they have a motive, for whatever they’re doing that makes them the bad guy doing the bad things. Unless they were born that way, which I highly doubt, they’re gonna need something that made them bad. Was their mum murdered and they’re out for revenge? Are they jealous? Even if it’s the smallest thing, your antagonist needs a motive.

And even if you have a likable bad guy *cough*Loki*cough*, they still need to have the motives and the thing that makes them bad. And, like I said, even if it’s a really awful reason. 🙂

Hope that helped some people. Questions? Shoot.

– Hannah 😀

The Old Woman

First off’s, sorry for not posting in a while; I’ve been rushed off my feet!

Second of all, I hope you enjoy the poem I wrote. 🙂


The Old Woman

When I was walking my dog

The other day, in the Great British Weather

(IE: the pouring rain),

I saw an old woman,

Crossing the road.


She was unremarkable

In many ways.

Her hair, clothes, stance.

But her eyes;

They gave away the story.


There were crinkles at the sides:

Laugh lines.

But, then again,

Her eyes had a sadness in them;

As if they had witnessed a great horror.


I helped her across the road

And she said I should be on my way; so I went.

But when I got home, I realised that I should have stayed.

Because I never saw her again. 

Horsey Horsey

Hey guys!

So, although I haven’t finished my novel – the original fiction one, not the Teen Wolf one – I thought I would tell you guys about it.

This is the summary I put on my NaNoWriMo profile:

When a terrified-looking horse runs into her school at the end of the day, Izzy doesn’t hesitate in using her instincts to catch him. And when an equally terrified-looking owner follows, saying she’s gonna send him to the knackers yard, Izzy just has to step in. She is given two weeks: two weeks to get an abused horse to trust again; two weeks to get placed in the regional one-day-event; two weeks to get over her own fear of being in the saddle after her mum’s devastating accident. 

Whaddya think? I know it’s gonna take helluvalot of editing before it’s ready to be shown to the world (hehe) but yeah. :3

[Pst: anyone got an idea for a title?]

Anyone here do NaNoWriMo? What was your novel about? Have you finished the novel? Did you reach your word count?

Oh, and I probably won’t post everyday from now on. Maybe every other or something? 🙂

Thanks for sticking with me, guys, and my crazy posts.

All this for a book. I think it was worth it.

All this for a book.
I think it was worth it.