I Had a Topic, I Swear….

Ok guys, honestly, I swear I had a topic for today.

But you know what? Eh, heh, I forgot it.


*Holds hands up in defeat*

Basically, that’s what your writing ideas do. You have them, they’re brilliant, awesome; and then, if you don’t write them down, well, you forget them. And, believe me, they don’t come back.

So what do you do?

Always carry something to write with, and something to write onSeriously, even next to your bed when you’re sleeping; so you can do it whilst you’re in the bath or shower; and at your school or work place. Just make sure that you can capture your idea in a word or two, at the very least, so you can remember it later!

But what do I do if I really forget it?” 

Well, why not go back to where you were when you had the idea? Maybe that’ll help you remember it. Or listen to a song that you think may remind you of it; perhaps ask someone, and see if you told them.

Also, if you have an idea, think it aloud. You have no idea how well it’ll help you remember it! Why not tell someone it, too – then, if you do forget it, you can just ask them and hope that they know what on earth you’re on about.

Basically, this post summed up in a sentence: don’t forget your ideas!

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