How To Write Good Fanfiction – Last Tips and Why To Write It!

Hi guys! I realised that it wasn’t the greatest idea to have a ‘titles’ one, because I have already done one on titles. So today is last writing tips and, finally, why to write it!

Some last tips/must-do’s/know’s for you fanfictional writers out there:

  • Make sure you know the characters as well as you can, unless they’re a minor character in the story! If, in the original story/TV program/etc, they are a background character – well, then you can feel free to make it up.
  • Make sure your OCs aren’t perfect people – One Direction writers, I’m looking at you!
  • Make sure the plot is an original one.
  • If your writing a oneshot, make sure you tell the whole story – though, don’t drag it on.
  • If you’re writing a longer story, then tell the whole story and make it satisfying – but, again, don’t drag it on.

So, finally, why should you write fanfiction?

Fanfictional writers are fans – clue is in the name. They love what they’re writing about (obviously) and tend to write because they have lots more ideas that just aren’t canon (in line with the story the author has written).

Writers of fanfiction love what they’ve written – especially if it’s a long one, as it’s like creating a whole new episode/book. So when you’re reviewing a story make sure you take that into account!

But, most of all, make sure you write fanfiction – and original fiction, I guess – because you enjoy it. 

Questions? Shoot. 🙂


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