Back Into The Writing Pool

WOW that was an awful title…

But yes, I am back into the pool of writing and publishing my fanfictional stories onto websites! Yay!

I find a buzz when writing and publishing fanfictional stories on the net, mainly because I tend to get a feedback – from at least one person – and because it’s just seeing your work out there, isn’t it? My original stories – not so much. But fanfiction? Oh, yes.

If you want a good feedback, though, I find that you have to get your fandoms right. For example, if you’re a fan of, I don’t know, Charlotte’s Web – well, sucks to be you, because there are 4 fanfictions of that on So, if you do write that sort of fanfiction, no offense, but you’re unlikely to get a readership.

However, if you’re part of the fandom of Harry Potter, for example – we are still reigning supreme on 664k (I admit, I did a little cheer when I read this. We have not been beaten by Twilight yet!). So you’re very likely to get a few readers – providing your summary is good, but that’s for another post.

Any other tips for writing fanfictions? Make sure you know where you’re posting it – some sites, like Archive of our Own, don’t tend to have as many OC (own character) stories, whereas does. supposedly doesn’t tolerate MA ratings, but AO3 does.

Oh, and make sure you know the characters. If you’re going to have OOCness (out of character-ness) then make sure you warn your readers – cause some don’t like it.

That’s as much as I can think of right now; I am very shattered.

Oh, one last thing – What did I publish?

I published a Teen Wolf fanfiction! 😀 Yay, first one published! You can read it here at or here on Archive of our Own. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Back Into The Writing Pool

  1. I’m bad with titles too, or so I think. But yours isn’t bad at all… Going to check out your story today. I don’t read much fanfiction but I like Teen Wolf so that works. Not signed in at that site. But I can leave feedback here if you want (or stop being lazy and register there lol).

    Would you post this on wattpad too, or do you like better?

    1. Hi,
      Aww, thank you! I would love a bit of feedback, if you’re actually up for it!

      And I could post it on Wattpad, I suppose, but I prefer for fanfictions. I suppose I could post it on Wattpad; are you on there?

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