So, NaNoWriMo is just on the doorstep. This means that most of you are probably planning for it. Or if you’re very organised, you’re already in a state of serious over-caffination.

As for me, I’m very far behind and am in a state of panic trying to get all my ideas down whilst thinking up new ones. You try planning for two different stories and see where that takes you.

When doing research, I tend to take from a few sources and make notes. I also bookmark pages, too. How do you guys research? Remember you can use a range of mediums: the library is your new best friend!

As for planning: I never normally plan, and I think that’s why all of my stuff has failed up til now (hopefully). Also, because I’m cramming for exams, planning may save me. So, I’m just bullet pointing what’s gonna happen in each chapter. Does anyone do anything the same – or, indeed, different?

I would say there are no rules in researching, as in the way you do it – just make sure you get your facts right, please. You have no idea how annoying it is to read something and find that there’s something wrong, it just pees you off!

And there are no rules in planning. you don’t even have to do it. I tend to just wing it. And look where I ended up! Writing really bad [sorry] blog posts for random strangers, being very tired and laughing over a weird ass picture from Teen Wolf.

Oh dear.


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